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Stappen met Koppendrayer         SPL>Pierre Van Der Stappen      >uur 1   >18-08-2018


"D:\!A HITS\Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato - Solo.mp3"                               "A HITS"           

"D:\@70's\Kiss - Sure know something.mp3"                                           "1970-1979"

"D:\!RECURRENTS\Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey - The Middle.mp3"  "RECURRENTS"           

"Toekomstmuziek"                                                         "Break Note"

"D:\!TOEKOMST\Paul Carrack - In The Cold Light Of Day.mp3"    "TOEKOMST"

"Nutteloze Feiten"                      Kurk                             "Break Note"     

"D:\!@Nederlands\Fresku & Janne Schra - Mijn Zoon.mp3"                       "Nederlands"

"Dubbel op"                                                                   "Break Note"

"D:\@dubbel op\Tom Robinson Band - Too Good To Be True.mp3"            "1950-2016"

"D:\@dubbel op\Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway.mp3"                  "1950-2016"

"Stempel"                                                                      "Break Note"

"D:\!STEMPEL\Bazzi ft Camila Cabello - Beautiful.mp3"               "STEMPEL"                              

"Weet je nog wel" 1965                                                   "Break Note"     

"D:\GouweOuwe\Petula Clark - Downtown.mp3"                           "1960-1969"       

"D:\!TIP\Dynoro & Gigi D'agostino - In My Mind.mp3"                                '"TIPPARADE"

"Soulshow Dance Classic"                                              "Break Note"

"D:\@Dance Classic\Kool & The Gang - Too Hot.mp3"                 "Dance Classic"

"CD tripper"          Jason Mraz - Know. (2018)                  "Break Note"     

"D:\@cd tripper\06 - No Plans.mp3"                                             "cd tripper"

"D:\!FREE\Michael Jackson - Behind The Mask.mp3"                              "FREE" 

"Vinyl Grammofoonplaat"                                                            "Break Note"

"D:\!VINYL\Pavlow - Camels Here Camels There.mp3"                 "VINYL"                

"D:\!A HITS\Armin van Buuren ft James Newman - Therapy.mp3"  "A HITS"

"D:\!INSTR\Silvetti - Voyage Of No Return.mp3"                           "INSTR"


Stappen met Koppendrayer         SPL>Ad Koppendrayer               >uur 2   >18-08-2018


"G:\!A HITS\George Ezra - Shotgun - 2018.mp3"  "!A HITS"

"opening"      "Break Note"  

"G:\@80'S\Pretenders - Talk Of The Town - 1980.mp3"     "@80'S"            

"G:\!RECURRENTS\Chef Special - Try Again - 2017.mp3"            "!RECURRENTS"

"toekomstmuziek"    "Break Note"  

"G:\!TOEKOMSTMUZIEK\Haevn- Mind games - 2018.mp3"          "!TOEKOMSTMUZIEK"  

"G:\@NEDERLANDSTALIG\Manuela Kemp - Slapeloze nachten.mp3"       "@NEDERLANDSTALIG"

"nieuws dat het 8 uur journaal niet haalt"   "Break Note"

"G:\!B HITS\Matt Simons - We Can Do Better - 2018.mp3"            "!B HITS"

"G:\@90'S\Mariah Carey - Open Arms - 1996.mp3"           "@90'S"            

"twittertje van de week"      "Break Note"  

"Stempel"      "Break Note"

"G:\!STEMPEL\Bazzi - Beautiful (ft Camila Cabello) - 2018 (stempel).mp3"            "STEMPEL"

"weet je nog wel"      "Break Note"  

"G:\@70's\Heart - Magic Man (Single Version) - 1976.mp3"           "@70's" 

"G:\!A HITS\Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss - 2018.mp3"       "!A HITS"

"cd tripper"    "Break Note"   JASON MRAZ - Know

"G:\@cd tripper\09 - Might As Well Dance.mp3"   "@cd tripper"     

"G:\!C HITS\Kygo & Imagine Dragons - Born to be yours - 2018.mp3"        "!C HITS"          

"G:\!tipparade\The Chainsmokers - Side Effects (feat. Emily Warren) - 2018.mp3"  "!TIPPARADE"  

"keep in touch with the dutch"       "Break Note"  

"G:\@nieuwnl\Bazart - Grip (omarm me) - 2018.mp3"        "@nieuwnl"

"G:\!B HITS\Sheppard - Coming Home - 2017.mp3"          "!B HITS"




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