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stempel - cd tripper



Stappen met Koppendrayer              SPL>Ad Koppendrayer                       >uur 1    >11-11-2017


"G:\!A HITS\Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B - Finesse (Remix) - 2018.mp3"           "!A HITS"

"opening"             "Break Note"       

"G:\@80'S\Sister Sledge - All American girls - 1981.mp3"          "@80'S" 

"G:\!RECURRENTS\Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj - Swish Swish - 2017.mp3"              "!RECURRENTS"

"toekomstmuziek"            "Break Note"       

"G:\!TOEKOMSTMUZIEK\SuRie - Storm - 2018.mp3"  "!TOEKOMSTMUZIEK"        

"G:\@NEDERLANDSTALIG\V.O.F. De Kunst - Retour Sneek - 1988.mp3"              "@NEDERLANDSTALIG"

"nieuws dat het 8 uur journaal niet haalt"   "Break Note"

"G:\!B HITS\Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy - 2017.mp3"              "!B HITS"

"G:\@90'S\Lighthouse Family - High - 1998.mp3"        "@90'S" 

"twittertje van de week"  "Break Note"       

"Stempel"            "Break Note"

"G:\!STEMPEL\Jacob Banks & Louis The Child - Diddy Bop- 2018 (stempel).mp3"             "STEMPEL"

"weet je nog wel"               "Break Note"       

"G:\@70's\Beatles - The Long And Winding Road - 1970.mp3"                "@70's"  

"G:\!A HITS\Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran - River - 2017.mp3"             "!A HITS"

"cd tripper"          "Break Note"       

"G:\@cd tripper\(05) Frank Boeijen - Vandaag.mp3"    "@cd tripper"        

"G:\!C HITS\P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (Explicit) - 2017.mp3"        "!C HITS"               

"G:\!tipparade\Hello August - Wrong Chick - 2018.mp3"             "!TIPPARADE"      

"G:\!NIEUW NL\Jeroen van der Boom - Jij - 2018         .mp3"     "!B HITS"


Stappen met Koppendrayer                              SPL>Pierre Van Der Stappen           >uur 2    >17-2-2018


"D:\!A HITS\Rita Ora - Anywhere.mp3"                                                             "A HITS" 

"D:\@80's\A-Ha - Ive Been Losing You.mp3"                                                 "1980-1989"

"D:\!RECURRENTS\Maroon 5 ft SZA - What lovers do.mp3"                      "RECURRENTS" 

"Toekomstmuziek"                                                                              "Break Note"

"D:\!TOEKOMST\Josie Dunne - Old School.mp3"                                         "TOEKOMST"

"Nutteloze Feiten"                Vergeten Dromen                                "Break Note"         

"D:\!@Nederlands\Jamai - Bodem van mijn glas.mp3"                                              "Nederlands"

"Dubbel op"                                                                                          "Break Note"

"D:\@dubbel op\Lene Lovich - Lucky Number.mp3"                                    "1950-2016"

"D:\@dubbel op\Lene Lovich - Say When.mp3"                                            "1950-2016"

"Stempel"                                                                                              "Break Note"

"D:\!STEMPEL\Jacob Banks & Louis The Child - Diddy Bop.mp3"           "STEMPEL"                                           

"Weet je nog wel" 1978                                                                      "Break Note"         

"D:\GouweOuwe\Peter Straker - Ragtime Piano Joe.mp3"                        "1970-1979"         

"D:\!TIP\Armin van Buuren ft Conrad Sewell - Sex, Love & Water.mp3"    '"TIPPARADE"

"Soulshow Dance Classic"                                                               "Break Note"

"D:\@Dance Classic\Dynasty - I don't wanna be a freak.mp3"                  "Dance Classic"

"CD tripper"           Frank Boeijen - Palermo (2018)                       "Break Note"         

"D:\@cd tripper\(01) Frank Boeijen - Achter De Wolken.mp3"                    "cd tripper"

"D:\!FREE\Frog - We got love.mp3"                                                                  "FREE"   

"Vinyl Grammofoonplaat"                                                                   "Break Note"

"D:\!VINYL\Rick Astley - Whenever you need somebody.mp3"                   "VINYL"      

 "D:\!A HITS\Wulf - All Things Under The Sun.mp3"                                      "A HITS"

"D:\!INSTR\Golden Gate Strings - Mr. Tambourine man.mp3"                   "INSTR"